Traffic Exchanges A MUST

Traffic Exchanges (Robert L Lawson Earningagain ) Work in Progress Feb 10th 2010
Join me on this journey of discovery.
Monitor and learn as my blog comes together.
This is a way of life. This is the place to be
if you looking for a business opportunity.

A must for any newbie to find their feet and to get
to grips with how the industry works.
What industry - here I consolidate many disciplines into
and say the ONLINE industry - internet marketing -
affiliate marekting and earning an income whilst working
online. For those of you who really feel helpless in
this world of ours, this is The Industry for you.

Start off with reading about the Traffic Exchanges - TE's.

Watch this space for the link to a VIRTUAL BOOK which will help
you on this journey of discovery.

When using the word Admin, I refer to the person in charge
of maintaining the Traffic Exchange this is not necessary
the owners - be aware of this.

You will hear it a lot when you start using the traffic
exchanges daily. You need to be tracking your stats,
you need to be branding yourself and you need to be
using a splash page...

Funny thing is, until today, you had to go to two or
maybe even three different programs to get each tool
you needed for the task at hand.

How's this for a perfect situation?

Find three guys who absolutely live, breath and love
the traffic exchanges.Get them to scratch heads and
create the ultimate tool package for your traffic
exchange advertising.

The Famous Trio

Logiscape Technologies Exchanges: All part of the same family
Each of the Logiscape Exchange caters for a different market
and offers different benefits
The currency of Logiscape is logibucks, you work for credits,
which then become tradable and transferrable between the groups
traffic exchanges.


TrafficEra Platinum Member - Two Stars achieved 31 Oct 09
(Proud of it - smile) A traffic exchange with an EARTHLY FEELING about it

001 Google Ranked Us Team EFFORT - having a break now from Team Surfing

An individual effort yet you do get help from a POD.
You need to take time out to study.

You earn the right to be part of a team where you will
work to gain those extra credits each week which are
essential to building your online business. YOu start
off as a newbie in a group which will be allocated to
a team at the end of your first week. So work to get
the best position in week one.

An excellent Admin,

Uk Based Traffic Exchange Owner Robert Purdy



Dragon Surf







HitSafari - Explore the wonders of great traffic




the pot of gold

RealHitz4u Power Surf Central

Royal Surf


Soaring4Traffic - Swoop Down and Seize Your Success!

Hands on Owner and Admin - responsive


Owner: Jon Olsen : Leader in Traffic Exchanges

Tezak Traffic
Owner: Tony resepected Online Marketer

Top Tier Traffic

Admin: Good
Traffic Attitude

Traffic Goldrush
Owner Operator: Paul Conway UK Based
Traffic Gold Rush

Traffic Speedway

Traffic Splash

Traffic Swarm

Traffic Taxis

Traffic Witch

Traffic Wonderland



Whirlwind Traffic

Xtreme Hit

Traffic Exchanges - Auto-Pilot
Website promotion,PV Referrals & downline builder and more):

Quad Hits ( 4 Ads per page)
Smiley Traffic
Simple Auto Hits

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