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There is always mcuh to do about nothing
ojn the word and in peoples words. Hotair
is very often expelled when discussing
topics which people supposedly hold dear
to their heart.

Here I talk about the latest tragedies and
states person visits to the UK. The lad
from Somalia, what is his point about visiting
the UK. Is he really that concerned about hi
people? Havign asked that question, was the
President of Hiati really interested in his
people when the earthquake struck. Can anyone
recall when they first saw this man? Was it two
or three weeks after the disaster?

This takes me back to my time in Cape Town when
I was helping people inflicted with a virus.
Bill Gates was 3 blocks down from me being shown
around by hordes of people who were claiming fantastic
results and there I was sitting having a cup of
tea with a person who had full blown AIDS who had
gotten out of bed and was now going to work.
The group 3 blocks away were psending in excess of
$120million - Rob was spending less than $30 -
how amazing is that.

This world and many of the people in it think that
if it is not complicated it wont work. Sure that
is stretching the statement a bit much but that is how
I feel.

Sometimes we , the world needs to get to grass roots and study
the rules of the universe and live by them. The basic
disciplines in our socitiety have been past dwon over many
centuiries and we need to adhere to them whilst not stumping
future innovations.

Right now I am awaiting word out of the USA with regards to
a Humanitarian Foundation who needs a Financial Controller -
well I have to warn them in advance in this package of Rob Lawson
they going to get a whole ton more. That is what is exciting
about life. The opportunities that are presented to us.

Too often opportunities and peoples willingness to help fade away
due to the obstacles placed in the way of the dream. Again people
can rip me to threads and spend hours analyzing this statement,
however i say go with the intent of the message and really look at
where we going all round.

People die in Afghanistan because people squabble about vehicles.
Do you know that there are vehicle parks full of old vehicles that would
save lives . These vehicles all sit in South Africa. The troops back
in 1960 and 70's mastered the art of landmine detection and bomb
proofing of vehicles. It is such a simple solution for Aghanistan but
you know what - it would never get off the ground because of RED TAPE.
If it was an organisation - a private one those vehicles would be in
service yesterday and people would not be dying.

Now i have really got it off my chest.

It is as I felt today.

So my readers - today grab the opportunities and thoughts and MAKE IT HAPPEN.

Robert L Lawson
Rob Lawson

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