One in a MIllion - Customer Service

Farm foods Management Team / Directors

For 2 years now I have visited and taken my elderly
cousin to your store in Mitcham.
This store has seen the closure of two stores in the
area and also seen the re-emergence of Morrisons
and Lidl.

During this time the staff have remained steadfast in
their customer service and standards.

Having travelled the world and always walked the
food halls of Publix and Walmart in the States,
Uk - Tesco, ASDA, Sainsbury's and Morrisons -
especially the one opposite and all in the
surrounding Area, South Africa - Pick 'n Pay,
Checkers and Shoprite - it is my feeling that
I am more that qualified as a customer to talk.

The team at this store are continously helpful,
always merchandising and filling shelfs, the
level of commitment to multi tasking is
amazing. To see them performing of late
with the increase in footprint is amazing.

This team would be poached by myself
if I was the opposition. Thank goodness
the opposition do not know their competitors

In closing what would be nice is if you could
get The Center Management to pull together
and tidy up the surrounding AREA as it
is shocking and does not do your store
or brand any good. Having said that sure
I need to consider the clientele, but that
is harsh of me. Standards are Standards
and as a main tenant I do think pressure
can be applied.

The Farm Food Mitcham Team Deserve
an Orchid - Onions to the Center Management

Robert Lawson

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