Put this in your PIPE & SMOKE it!

What is business about?
Returns - that's right, returns on investment!
Those who don't know the meaning of
ROI - returns of investment know it as:
What ever the effort I contribute - I need to be paid for!
and if it does not feel right or have a WIN WIN
feel about it, then I AM out of here.

What surprises me is that people forget
to take into account the bigger picture.

People go to work and then return home
thinking that what they did at work was
the only effort that should be rewarded.
My thoughts: HOLD ON!
WHAT about the walk to work?
What about the sleep that was needed
to get me through the day?
Surely these tasks need to be rewarded.

OK! you may be wondering where I am going with
this train of thought(your brand). Simply put we all need to
realise there are many day to day routine functions
and even tasks in our daily work lives that need to
be done - executed, or carried out in order for the
ROI to be generated back into our lives.
YOU need to also realise that they should get credit
as well - you need to look at the contribution towards
earnings they make as well. ENJOY doing them!

In closing remember the detail, remember that those
tasks like house keeping, riding the bicycle to work,
sitting in traffic, is a necessary step towards you
ACHIEVING that END Result.

To those of you starting out in a new career or entering
into the wide wonderful world of Internet Marketing.
Social Media or Viral Marketing - or give it what ever title
you want, make sure you take into account the smaller,
necessary action steps before going for the BIG REWARD.

Rob Lawson

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More on this later.

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