Re-Value Chinese Currency : Objectives or Agenda

Could the re-valuation of the Chinese currency
be considered as an objective of Barack Obama,
or is it on the political agenda for his administration
to attend to.

The same question can be asked about
"the Barack Obama's health plan"

Here come's the crunch question:
Do you have a plan for your life?
Are your objectives clearly defined?
Is your plan under threat because
your agenda is filled with ill intent.

Does your business plan/administration
have hidden agenda's?

Do you have the faith, courage and
conviction to make bold statements
publically regarding your business.

Would it be correct in saying that
by knowing a person's personal
objectives and knowing the agenda,
business/life would a whole lot more

Forget all else define your objectives
in life and the agenda for daily living
will be presented to you.

Thought provoking, good, better than what
sometimes fills our minds, sex, money,washing,
children and credit crunch/debt,
(you may have a few to add).

What was my objective today?
Answer: To build my confidence in blogging.
What was my agenda?
Answer: To see if back hyperlinks work.

Thankyou all for reading.
Enjoy the day

Robert Lawson


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