U Care - or is it Lip Service

Of Course You Do!
You care about yourself!
You may care about others!
You may even care about CASH!

What is CASH?

All of the above will help us
along our walk of life. Finding your
FLOW through caring must be one of
the most awesome experiences.

This is the road which is least travelled.

On my journey to find my FLOW,a test was
presented to me, it lay around for months
then eventually my inquiring mind got
me to take a look at Wealth Dynamics

YES! I did attend the 3 day workshop with
about 150 others here in London. At this workshop
Roger Hamilton spoke about The Rainbow
and how we all have Aura's and colours
in our lives. On hearing this - my mind
went into a spin and so my journey began
to find My Flow.

Along the way my journey has taken me all
over the internet and to TEra, where I have
to say - I have met some Awesome and Awe Inspiring
people - and as a result of my presence here.

Even better still I came to find a
Traffic Exchange which is well supported,
has the credentials of all the industry
readers behind it. YES! it is Rainbow Traffic

My journey over the last month has been extra
ordinary from my Sponsor Kevin Steffens to my
first recruit Stefan Berg of stefanbergs.com
Then yesterday completing my upgrade with
the Support lady Joice whilst using all the
cash earned from the last 4 weeks.

People on your journey to find Your Flow you too
may come across people like Doru of Doruman,
Marcel of eBookmaster, Wayne of Jagman,
Chris our team Leader of DishTV21,
then there is John and Stanley plus many more.
Each one of these people, have added
a snippet of knowledge to my ever increasing
fountain of wisdom.

In closing, I guess what I am trying to say is
that everything happens for a reason,
if your principles are based on CARE for others.

Ask yourself if you CARE with these attributes
which are and more than likely be built on CASH
Caring Attitude Simplicity Happiness

Personally I am still trying to Master Cash

During the mastering process, maybe we should
all look at ourselves and see what repairs
and adjustments we can do to our own inner
being as we do withour computers and other
instruments that help us through our daily lives.

Therefore time is spent BUILDING towards it

Robert Lawson

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