Riches to Rags THEN WHAT

Executive to Unemployed to Entrepreneur

YES! it is a cycle many family members have to
live through as they take the journey of life.

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First we need to define who the Executive is.
With a bit of lateral thinking we should be
able to define an Executive as: (my definition)
A person who has achieved in a specific
field or discipline to the best of their ability.
Who would this pertain to? Look at your own
journey in life from the craddle to present,
each step of the way, you have had to strive
in order to survive, this in my eyes makes you
an executive.

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Now why the Unemployed? Most of us have
gone through life on these journeys with the
constant guiding hand of a silent mentor, a
person or an environment in which we were
trained, shown and then left to practice our
newly found skill till we mastered it. For example:
a child learning to walk, a child attending school
through to graduation and then a young adult
entering the work force. At all of these stages,
skills had been taught and practised.
Even in the home, the happiness of the home
can be judged on past and present experiences
of the Executives involved(the parent or parents)
Unemployed becomes a reality when the journey
draws to an end as we leave these comfort zones
as Executives - Stay at home Moms returning
to the work force, the Executive retired early due
to the change in the economic conditions,
the young adult thrust into a work place without
the skills or knowledge to tackle a specific task.

We become unemployed when suddenly we
in an environment where we have to now
BLAZE a TRAIL into the unknown. Into the
world of Entrepreneurship. A journey
where suddenly we need to re-create ourselves
to either journey on a previous path or
to enter into the REALM of ENTREPRENEURSHIP.
One where there is no guiding hand, no mentoring,
only loneliness and despair as company.
How many of you have found yourselves in
similar positions? YES! many I bet. What is great
about todays world is that we need not give up,

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The Universe gave us the INTERNET
What you have to realise is that with a minimum outlay,
skill and the guidance of people around the World you
should be able to again BLAZE a TRAIL
which will set you and your family up for life.
it is a trail focused on AFFILIATE MARKETING,
in the old days this was called selling for a company.
However, to find simple ways to earn in the "real world"
was daunting back then, now with the Internet and
Online Earning Options you can literally find the
AFFILIATE products of choice and register to sell
them on behalf of the company.
OK! market them on behalf of a number of companies.
YES! no formal training, no company structure,
no production facilities or logistical pipelines or
administrative procedures. All YOU HAVE TO DO
is find the customers and direct them to the
a website. The website which is the SHOPFRONT
for a company to whom you will register to

For work at home Moms and Dads or family units
Affiliate Marketing is the way to go. Employ common
sense, do your research and follow a passion and
in so doing Success as an Entrepreneur is sure to
follow. An Executive position you sure to hold for
years to come.

Franchising is still a BIG TREND globally however,
having been a FRANCHISOR and having sold a
business concept to franchisees I personally feel
oyster. You can Replicate EXACT CAMPAIGNS
MAKE IT HAPPEN take the plunge.

If fear holds you back from earningagain on line
then investigate and research this field, look for
simple ways to Earn Online. Have a look how
my journey is shaping up, take small steps
and learn as you go. Find a product then do
as they tell you to do as an AFFILIATE MARKETER.
Clone Apply Earn.
Do what we used to do at school to get by:
copy and write, COPY and PASTE.


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creator of business concepts through hands on experience, internet marketer newbie with a passion to succeed through the brand of earningagain

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