10 Plus Steps to take for World Cup 2010 Personal Safety

If you on your way to watch the likes of David Beckman, Steven Gerrade, Ronaldo and the wanabie Pele then best you start checking out Wikipedia,the BBC Weather Africa,your faviorite FA website - be it Manachester United, the premiership, the UEFA Cup, english or brazil football and see what tips they going to be letting you have for the World Cup 2010. it is a good place to start getting your mind in shape.

A number of pointers for you to consider:
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Amongst all the world cup hype there lies a nagging doubt in many a persons mind: "is it safe to go to South Africa?" Unfortunately, there is no other way to say it other than, it will not be safe if you not aware.

Yes! It will not be safe, as much as all the governing bodies are trying to convince the world it will be, the man on the street will tell you otherwise.

Now, would be a good time to start planning and getting to grips with what lies ahead if you travelling to South Africa in June and July. Remember, criminals will be preparing for this event just as much as those organising the event are.

Having made such a bold statement, above it is my suggestion that all those going should be aware of a few pointers. This is a list to help make your trip a pleasant experience (it is by no means comprehensive)

be aware at all times, all times

1. Prior to departure:
Ensure your luggage has no sentimental value.
No excess clothing and personal jewellery (do not wear it). Limit the number of bags. Maximum 2 (a carry on and one suitcase). Make sure you have a change of clothing in your carry on baggage. Ensure all your documentation is duplicated and photocopies are available. (Swap with a companion - give them yours)

IMPORTANT PHONE NUMBERS - store in luggage, on person, on email and on mobileClick here.

Ensure that you can access all this documentation via the web, use Gmail. Make sure you have an alternative form of payment available. (Cash with debit and credit cards, split the credit cards) plan to always only have a mobile, credit card and a set of clothes per outing, limit the change of clothing 3 outfits max you can always buy (you going to watch football not a fashion show) again prior to departure practice being aware as you walk down your home street. Be aware of where you walk each day. Focus on your routines. Sure this may sound paranoid but you best be prepared for when you are on the ground in South Africa. Get onto the internet and study the maps of each of your stops. Use Google to ensure you know what your accommodation looks like.

Print maps off the internet Click Here

Toll Gates Click HERE
Toll gates do not accept international cards and fuel stations are generally cash only. Check the current exchange rate think in South African rands. Shrink wrap your luggage and ensure it is locked. (If you can not carry do not take it)

2. Arrival in South Africa

Ensure you take everything off the plane as you disembark, (it will be gone if you remember later). Check your luggage before leaving the airport building. Organise your transport from the airports prior to arrival.

3. On the ground
Trust no one - not even hotel safes or rooms. Try to go out with a partner or friend at all times.

Travel documentation:
Keep in safe place at all times. Ensure a friend has copies of passport and other related documents.

Know your address where you staying at all times. When using a mobile phone know that it can be snatched. Prior to setting off on a journey plan it, whether driving or walking, getting lost is not an option, do not get lost. You will be approached at traffic lights, shopping centre parking lots and when you move between venues.

If it is your intention to have a good time with alcohol ensure you have back up (a companion) and very little on your person.

Check all your bills - the prices are going up and you will be overcharged - know that in advance South Africans expect a tip of around 10%.


Carry a limited amount of cash. Remember you can always access your cash online if need be.

A tip: if short and stuck, go to a local South African and negotiate to transfer funds to their account and ask if they can help you. Only in an emergency.

Hide a debit or credit card on your person or give it to a friend. Never let your credit/debit card out your sight when paying for goods or services. It could result in the card getting copied.

When visiting an atm refuse help, if you feel crowded rather not use the facility never draw large quantities of cash, pre-pay where ever possible.

To those of you who earn online remember you can transfer funds from payment processors if need be. Be creative in the time of need. Also if in a situation and you stuck, use your online skills and barter, where you can to get earning again.

This could even be a way to offset the cost of your holiday.

Remember to: know the emergency number in each city.

Last but not least tell friends, relatives and the people with whom you are staying where you are going and what time you expected back. This is most probably the most important piece of advice you will get or read. Make a note of it. A text message is cheap compared to your life no time to be clever or smart.

Some of you may think all of the above is not necessary but take it from me, a person who has lost 2 friends and a brother to crime, had 2 children attacked and had a number of friends hijacked. In fact one housebreak in just this week, beginning February, husband and wife plus elderly parents in port Elizabeth tied up and house ransacked for 2 hours at a cost of nearly r60000. You decide.

Always remember be aware

Now go and enjoy yourself, you will have a great time.
You may even want to visit the The Grand at the Cape Town
Waterfront, who knows WHO you may see there with
David Beckman could it be his friend Tom Cruise!

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