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Article: by Lynne
Are you building your list?
Here is just something to think about.

Do You remember the "GOLDEN RULE"?
"do unto others as you would have them do unto you"

Gurus have built a list of people they use and they make a lot of money. When they first start out, they treated people the right way, then they hired staff to do the same. We rarely talk with the guru themselves. So we all use people to achieve success in form or another.

I know people that I can say, do follow the rule and others that only say they do, but really don't.

My opinion is that the ones that say they follow the rule, and don't, are seeking success by using people as stepping stones with no regards for the people being used. They most like will achieve success, but, will be short lived with some rewards.

The people that truly follow the rule, use people too, but in a friendly caring manner, and they treat those people with dignity and respect. They will achieve long lived success with an abundance of rewards. They have followers, not just names.

My favorite saying is "what goes around, comes around"
Just another way of saying the golden rule.

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