Marisa Horn : Personality Spotlight : Global Achiever

A Personality Spotlight by Rob Lawson Earningagain
The Internet - a Jungle of internet addresses interwoven,
creating a mind blowing experience to the less informed.
People can spend years on the net
and never make their mark. Daily, names and faces
fly across my screen and in a split second a page catches my attention.
(All I saw was Make a Video - check bottom of the page.)

It happened recently, resulting in my request for details from
Marisa Horn replied:
"I have more than one design store -
I actually can't believe all I have done.
Just looking at it all makes me tired.
I am sure it has nothing to do with
the fact that it is after 5am lol.
I have at least 12 stores on Zazzle linked
through what I like to think of as the hub store

Inspired Ambitons
Unique designs on quality products that you can customize.

All Vintage Photographs
Supplying original vintage and antique photographs,
postcards and more on line since 1999.
Hope it all helps"
Marisa then went on to give a few additional links
"Here are a couple of links that I would also like to promote -
Squidoo Lenses:
What also inspired me was Marisa's Horns willingness to help people.
Check on this link: How to Make Your Own Video

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