Welcome and keep you credit card in your wallet

To all my friends and suppporters that
go back over the years - thank you
and welcome to my life with a
difference. Many people think
I am stark raving mad to be entering
into a field such as internet marketing.
But HEY! with the personality I have and
the constant need to want to help someone
I am finding that this is a way to teach a person
to fish and make a sustainable living.

However, I do have to agree with many of you
it is a mind blowing experience - trying to make
you don't get caught up in a spending spree
on all the wonderful promises that come along.

Needless to say this was not my problem.
As my name "earningagain" now suggests
this is all about getting people earning again.
This has been an eye opening experience
filled with fun.

What is great is that each step of the way you learn.
First lesson: KEEP you credit card in your wallet.
Second lesson: STOP before you input your name
and email address - get referred and learn.

There are tons of promises out there but very
few who turn in the goods.

Right now I ask you all to join me on this journey
by reading my bloggs and giving input. This journey is
also about the marketing of friends websites. Friends
and family who have great products which the world
should hear about. Yes! there will be times when I
market and refer to your product in discussion and
will link you to the sites. Thats is where you will be
able to read obout their business and the products
they are marketing.


Bird and Photographic Tours - Try Lawson's
Photos of Cape Town - Check out Shawn Benjamins Site
Check out Sarel's site for his business in package delivery PDQ
For print work see Charlotte Ewins site Copy Cat

Then my good frineds Henton and Ian, one is about sailing
and the other is about learning

Henton - Sailing Training Henton has all the tickets for those
wanting to get qualified in the sailing world

Ian Nel of Myskills he is doing it for South Africa - all a business
needs to keep their staff on track with updated skills

Now these are just a few examples ojn how I see this blogg and
my suggestions working. It will evolve and one day I will look
back and smile. This will also happen with each of the people
I bring along for the ride, we going to enjoy it together.

Bye for now
Rob Lawson

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