Is your mind over heating

Yes! second posting - suggestions accepted from the analytical readers
Talk about stress, everyone is talking about stress
now days. People seem to put the least difficult
sistuation or incident which proves difficult down to
stress. Was watching the Michael Jackson funeral
this morning on Sky TV at gym and it amazes
me how people can inflict or put themselves under
so much stress.

Is this a symptom of our modern email way of thinking and
due to the speed in which the world is evolving with
the internet data that we inflict our bodies and minds to
unnecessary stress and worry. Do you ever manage
to quiten your mind - many people and experts
in the world tend to say we should quiten our minds,
Doreen Virtue and Deepak Chopra and many others.
Read somewhere a while back that we should just
sit in silence with others. Is this wise, do any of us
have the patience to actually sit in silence and stop
our brains from literally over heating.

What is it about this world or ours or about us
that sometimes it is just so difficult to go
with the flow(know yourself first),
we sort of have to login into each day
as we awake. YES! I have come back to this going
with the flow. Maybe we should all learn from nature
and notice how it goes with the flow. Peter Lawson,
yes, my Pops, he sent me a note a while back,
reminding me about how the birds lose young ones,
have their nests detroyed and they shake it off and
get back to laying more eggs and building new nests.
Shoo! it was a mind blower for me. Maybe we all need
to take that time out each day and have quite time.
Create a little space in our busy schedules to find
that spot where we can "just chill" in one form or
another, to bring order in our lives.

With all the headlines coming our way on topics we interested
in and on the issues that affect our day to day lives, this
will certainly be a challenge for most of us. In many instances
the recuring head lines themselves is a form of in doctrination
which we are not aware of. Sure there must be stats on
what messages we get made aware of on a daily basis, that
is for a whole new discussion

In closing, a reminder that whislt the stress is all around
us we should always take time out to think first before we
act, take a breath. Tell those close to us we care and love
them. Put a smile on their faces. Maybe, tell the world
how we feel about them then they too may get de-stressed
and they too may quiten their minds.

That's it for today, got to get busy learning how
to link up to the internet to gain an understanding
on how advertise or tell people about my blog seen
I am a beginner.

Bye for now
Rob Lawson

PS Give the person closest to you a BIG HUG!

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