Wild Global Thoughts

Waking up in the morning is really another experience.
the mind comes alive, well that is my perception.
The thoughts start flowing and discussion from the
previous day and topics discussed and read come to
the fore.
In a matter of minutes lets call it 17 minutes this
morning, my thoughts ran rampant.
Are you similar in this way?

My thoughts in a space of nano seconds:
Folks these are a few thoughts that run through our fantastic minds
within the space of nano seconds. It is a handful to cope with during a day.

Suggestions to overcome these wild thoughts:
head off in the bush for quite time,
exercise as it helps,
go fishing, sailing (learn about a master), playing, cycling or watching sport(check this photo out) whilst others get focused on overcoming the financial crisis in your family
send good thoughts to your family (the universe will delvier it)
visit the family

While you about it, spare a thought for those around
the world who may be having a tough time -
even your neighbour - then on the other hand,
enjoy their good times as well.

There will be those gardeners out there that will
be making a difference on our carbon footprint
but keep the cycle of life going round and round.
The bees in the UK, need all the natural vegetation
to make it happen for us in the years to come -
they crucial to our way of lives folks,

Shoo! my mind really does cover a vast expanse
of thought within the first hour of waking up.

What better way to close this train of thought
than to say what ever it is you plan to do today,
HAVE FUN AT IT! kick back and relax, let the
Angels show you the way forward - go with your gut.
Forget about all our the spam in your email inbox
and issues, CHILL BABY for those who have bank
holidays on Monday GO HUGE! have a magnificent
weekend with the family.

What will I be doing;
Visiting my cousin Peg, watching the Springboks play in Brisbane,
Austrlia, working on my business (advertising side of it) - tidying up - of course I have already
done the ironing and put the washing on - AM I A MANNANNY?
Rob Lawson

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