Happy and Merry Christmas

A time to be Jolly, tral la la!
What does Christmas mean to all of us?
What does it mean to all of us sons and
daughters of this wonderful Universe of
Ours where so many of US believe in God,
yet show our care and love in such different
ways. Many of us use religion to convey
that message to convey our thoughts and
commitment, whilst others go direct.
Which ever way you choose to enjoy this
period of meanuing a time where we are
blessed to really show those whom we love
what we care about most. To me it is a day
when God allows us to all aside and to allow
us the opportunity to show our love and
appreciation for all the we believe in and
have experienced through our journey on
our wonderful Planet known to some as
Mother Earth, after where would we be
without Mother Earth.

Waht, Werhe, How, Why and Wehn wulod
all tihs hvae cmoe tgoehtr ot mkae ti scuh
na eojylabe pcale ot clebeatre lfie.

Fierdns and Fmaliy Mrery Hpapy Christmas

Robert Lawson

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