Free - What is Free?

Jan 12th 2010 at 8:10 AM
It's Free Whoppeee!!! well it even costs to speak.
When someone or a business makes a statement
and says "Get It Now For Free!!!"

Sure it could be free to download or take it away
depending on the product or the follow up action
required and it is that which costs.

Internet Marketing can be very exciting,
a business with results every step of the way,
be it in the form of constant correspondence
from the vendor or those with whom you
have formed an acquiantance. It is also
an industry filled with FREE GIFTS

Example: Free Traffic Exchange
Really FREE - to JOIN it is
it is the thereafter that costs money. BE AWARE.
The FREE TOOL which is really something
you can call FREE is QuickTab for increased
productivity when used in a web browser.
Results in extra credits when surfing
Traffic Exchangers.

When someone says to me their
Traffic Exchange (TE) membership is free,
I ask them to clarify the purpose of
the product (TE) and what results are likely
to achieved by making use a FREE TE?
Results, come in various forms increased
productivity, product awareness by way of credit
usage, and sales in the free referral program.
Work out an hourly rate for yourself, conservative
earnings on the open market and then attach that
value to the time spent using the TE concerned.

The other slant to this whole discussion
could be on how to categorise the cost of
a Traffic Exchange - would it fall under the
expense of advertising or could you allocate
the expense to - a form of vitual rental.
Either way there is a cost to a Traffic Exchange
be it in the form of hard cash or labor which
should have a monetary value attached.
Bear in mind Traffic Exchanges was only
used for illustrative purposes.

RainbowTraffic, a Traffic Exchange which is
FREE TO JOIN got my attention and within a
month of FREE surfing the upgrade was available
due to the generous CASH INCENTIVES.
Credits are building and a value is placed on
the credits earned whilst bearing
in mind the 6 second timer does allow me
to work on other Traffic Exchanges as well.

Newbies who are limited in resources and
have "TIME" go to Rainbow Traffic
a must to kick start your Internet Marketing Career.

Results of the TE and many other factors need to
also be considered when looking at effectiveness
but that is for another Discussion

Bye for now

Rob Lawson

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