thank you

What does it mean to say thank you? Who do we say thank you to?
How do we say thank you? When do we say thank you?
Why do we say thank you? Do any of the above apply?

Could we call the the process above? Defining the Thank You process!

Doruman gave me a reason to ask
if a thank you was necessary.

In the end a note was sent saying
thank you to him for caring.
The question is:
Will it be enough is a thank you ever enough?

Doru was:
Caring enough to share his knowledge with me.
Caring enough to take the time of out from his family
and business life to share his knowledge and thoughts.

All of this was for FREE. Was it because he had free stuff
or free ringtones or free music to offer me? No all of it
was for FREE all in the name of friendship.

Now I am looking ahead to the coming attractions,
the new days ahead, in the form of his online business tools,
and his advice on making money with traffic exchanges.
It is a bit like watching the trailers of movies. You get
a taster and then future looks so bright.

How would you say thank you to a person like Doruman?

Doru (Doruman) and I met in Tera whilst chatting
in our team chat facility, call it an online learning
facility. Here we met and our friendship grew out of
mutual respect for each other. Two strangers in
this virtual world, embarking on ventures in
the viral marketing field. Viral marketing an
area of expertise in which I am still a newbie.

With Doru's encouragement and constant encouragement
I am here today making a start. A start in marketing
a product in which I have belief and trust in.
My first FREE tool on the internet was
this piece of software Quick Tab -
U can thank me later - smile Quick Change Tab
what a versatile piece of computer software and
for this I thank Jay Hines, we have never spoken
hwoever his repsonse and support to my email
blew me a way, thank you Jay.

Doru to you, Thank you.

Rob Lawson

Right now my other online learning facility
and earning opprotunity is Rainbow-Traffic

PS How many people do you need to say
thank you too? Stefan Berg is another person
who has influenced my online activities -
more on Stefan Berg soon - visit Stefan
see what he is all about. Who knows maybe
you will be thanking him too.

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