Learn from a Team - Global Achievers

Here we focus on Traffic Era, however,
the same principles apply to most
Traffic Exchanges and to any newbie,
I encourage you to learn, listen
and participate.

A weekly bonus 10000 PLUS
- with YOUR Help we can DO IT!!

The internet especially the
Traffic Exchanges are a
great place to Learn.
The place to be is the team
chat rooms - it can be a hive of

It is now a week since we
founded the Global Acheivers
team. A week of upheavel
followed by jubilation.

It is always stressful to face
change head on but then time
and action takes care of all
that comes along.

The first week has been filled
with learning experiences plus
a lot of time spent listening.
YES! listen and learn two important
qualities I am learning to master
on this new journey.

Right now I have learnt a lot
about Traffic Era and how it works.
The people active in the exchange
and the new registrations.

Yes! we as a team are growing and
therefore changing as we see stratagies
of other teams unfold.

Yes! I was reminded of where I came from
and I was reminded that in order tobe
a good leader we need to be capable of
being led. Once a leader we also need
to understand that we need to pass on
that knowledge gained.

We in Global Achievers are actively and
aggressively looking for those MEMBERS
who feel they want to re-spark their
TERA (Traffic Era) activities or would
merely like to participate in a team.

As a team we now in the TOP 15 with a
weekly bonus of 15000 plus for each
team member plus our own credits.

In addition to the above we have the occasional
race placements which we as a team get excited
about. We continually push each other to
achieve and stretch for that DREAM.

Members of TERA drop in on us at TERA and
should you feel you can contribute with
a good work ethic, as well as good team
commitment we interested in talking.

If you interested click on the request
to join a team link and we will contact you.

Do It Today
Global Achievers

Rob Lawson earningagain
Team Leader

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